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  • Provide an overview of what you learned from this presentation.  Paste it below.
  • Assignment: Students can then take information researched and add to their Word document and create their own presentation personalized and set up as a promise or goal to always follow the safety tips researched on the following topics.
    • Sharing Information: Why should we have boundaries for sharing information on Facebook, Snap Chat, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and what are my boundaries?
    • Digital Ethics: What responsibilities go along with the use of cell phones and computers to share media as well as textual information?
    • Secure Password: Why is it important to safeguard my login credentials?
    • Digital Footprints: What are Digital Footprints and how are prospective employees searching sites for information about prospective employees and individuals? How can my digital footprints affect my future after high school?
    • Commenting Online: How can comments left on YouTube, Facebook, and other sites affect my life today and tomorrow? Are my words powerful? Do my comments matter? How can I moderate comments others leave on my websites?
    • Cyberbullying: How can and should I respond if I witness cyberbullying, or am a victim?
    • Power of the Smartphone: How can I constructively use my cell phone and online accounts to promote good in the world, instead of hurting others or myself?
    • Stranger Danger: Why is it RARELY a good idea to meet someone in person I only met online, especially when I’m a minor? Who should you talk to when you are faced with a situation online that makes you uncomfortable?
    • Texting While Driving: Why is texting while driving in the car VERY dangerous, and what can be done to encourage others to NOT do it?
    • Sexting: How can cell phone photo sharing have a devastating impact on my life or the lives of others? What legal ramifications may occur if caught? What can and should I do about this if it happens?
    • My Online Goal or Promise: Summarize your information researched on the previous topics and create a goal or promise for using the Internet safely.
  • You may use Prezi or PowerPoint to present your work.