We are all here for YOU– for you to succeed and to enjoy this class. Because I care about each of you, I am here to help you. So I will not allow you to do anything that will interfere with your success in this class.

We will be working together this year. We need to have a class where you can come without fear of being ridiculed or threatened. Because I care about ALL of you, I will not allow you to do anything that will interfere with someone else who is trying to learn.

I am the teacher, and I am looking forward to being your teacher this year. I have an exciting year of learning planned for you, and I will not allow you to do anything to interfere with my desire to teach you. Nor will I allow you to do anything that will interfere with all of us having an enjoyable year.

So that YOU can learn, so that WE can all learn, so that I can teach, I have a set of rules to ensure that we will have a safe and orderly classroom.


1. How to enter classroom

after the bell students without a pass are late; enter the classroom quietly, place belongings on shelf, visit the class website and begin work on the warm-up. (1 ticket)

2. While teacher takes attendance

students should be actively working on warm-up; you may quietly speak to your neighbor. (1 ticket)

3. Where to find assignments

all assignments are posted in the assignment section, at your grade level from the class website.

4. Where to turn in assignments

all assignments will be collected by teacher via your computer in your documents.

5. Where to find assignments if you are absent

check the class website for the date you missed and complete the assignment for a late grade

6. What to do when people at the door

Students should be in seat during class.  NEVER answer the door unless the teacher has given you permission

7. What to do at dismissal

the teacher dismisses the class, not the bell.  The quietest row will leave first.

8. Finished assignments

help others (2 tickets)