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    Find the search bar. To read a course description for your grade, type course description then choose your grade level to read about the course.
    My Progress
    To see your progress type My progress in the search bar. Be sure to choose your grade level.
    Earn badges to earn unit points. Once you complete an assignment on the class website upload it and you will earn a badge. Badge completions lead to unit completion.
    School Drive
    The school drive is where you can find files related to our class. To locate the BL drive you need to click "computer" "BUS&COMPSCI" folder then click on your "Period" number. Then ask the teacher the name of the file. Remember to drag the file to your documents. BUS&COMPSCI then find your period number.
    To turn in paper. You can place it in your file folder until the teacher collects it. Do not give it to your teacher when you are done. If you have an electronic copy then upload it to the class website. Hint. upload it to the assignment name (search for the name of the document on the website}