Course Description

Using project-based instruction, students are introduced to the principles of business in the 21st century while refreshing their keyboarding skills. This course should also help students to use computers effectively in their lives, thus providing a connection of computer science and business careers. In this course, middle school students build a knowledge base of computer applications, information systems, internet safety, 21st century skills, and business and computer science careers of the 21st century.

Grading Scheme

Fulton County Grading Scale will be followed

100-90 = A 89-80 = B 79-70 = C 69-0 = F

The teacher will conduct frequent and ongoing evaluations of student’s class work. Tests, quizzes, keyboarding activities, and observations will be used to determine the student’s grade. All assignments will be given due dates. Make-up work is the student’s responsibility. Assignments will be provided for all excused absences. Averages in Business and Computer Science are based on the following:


Typing Tests & Unit Projects – 50%

Classwork Work & Edutyping Lessons – 40%

Quizzes – 10%

“Please note, in the grading system, students’ overall grade average will not be affected by an assignment until the due date. If a student turns in an assignment early, the parent will be able to view the score, but the overall grade in the class will not change calculation until the due date assigned.”

Connections Community Norms

* Be on Time- Students are required to be in class by the tardy bell. Tardy students will be required to sign in and face consequences outlined in the local discipline cycle.

* Participate in Class- Instructional time is extremely important and we expect students to be in class.

* Be involved- The Connections team will meet with parents as needed in order to discuss strategies to help each child stay on the right track in classes.

Help Sessions

Available EVERY morning in Room 506 from 8:00AM-8:45AM.

County Course Standards

Keyboarding and Ergonomics MSBCS-BCSII-1: Students will reinforce keyboarding techniques.

21st Century Skills

MSBCS-BCSII-2: The student participates in a variety of activities that demonstrate 21st Century employability skills.


MSBCS-BCSII-3: The student will examine educational requirements, job responsibilities, employment trends, and opportunities in the different career pathways in Business and Computer Science.

Computer Applications

MSBCS-BCSII-4: The student will utilize word processing software. MSBCS-BCSII-5: The student will utilize spreadsheet software. MSBCS-BCSII-6: The student will utilize database software. MSBCS-BCSII-7: The student will utilize presentation/ multimedia software. MSBCS-BCSII-8: The student will utilize web page design software. MSBCS-BCSII-9: The student will utilize desktop publishing software.

Internet and Internet Safety MSBCS-BCSII-10: The student will demonstrate an understanding of ethics and potential dangers related to the use of the Internet.

Introduction to Business

MSBCS-BCSII-11: The student will examine career requirements, job responsibility, employment trends, and opportunities for careers in business.

Information Systems

MSBCS-BCSII-12: The student will examine career requirements, job responsibility, employment trends, and opportunities for careers in networking, programming, and computer science.


Because computer utilization is required for classwork, homework will not be given. When possible, students will be asked to gather information for projects and reports that may be required. Studying for tests or completing particular worksheets and study guides will be the only necessary work at home. Work not completed during class time should be done during open lab in the mornings.

Make-up Work

According to Fulton County Board of Education, Policy JBD, “Upon return to school following an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the teachers to request make-up work. Make up work must be completed by the student within the time specified by the teacher.” The students will be given the same amount of time to make up work as the student was absent unless other arraignments are mutually agreed upon. The student will receive the actual grade on the make-up work if the absence was “excused”. 10 points may reduce make-up work for “unexcused” absences. Make-up work submitted late will receive a zero. Make-up tests will usually be given before school.

Classroom Procedures and Expectations

Students are expected to follow class, school, and county guidelines for behavior. Class rules are posted clearly in the classroom. School and county rules are outlined in the student agenda. “Students who misbehave under a substitute’s supervision will receive immediate consequences to be determined by administration.”


Commit Acts of Kindness

* Include and encourage others during group work.

* Loan supplies to a classmate.

* Greet teacher, classmates, and visitors.

Act Responsibly

* Complete assignments in a timely manner.

* Actively listen and follow directions.

* Dress appropriately.

Respect People and Property

* Take care of classroom equipment and supplies.

* Talk in a respectful manner to teacher and classmates.

* Say please/thank you.

Ensure Safety

* Encourage others not to horseplay.

* Report teasing/ bullying concerns to an adult.

* Put belongings under my desk.

Classroom rules are as follows:

* No food or drinks in the computer lab, this includes GUM!

* Enter quietly and sit in your assigned seat.

* Work only on the computer assigned to you, and type on the keyboard only when working on an assignment.

* Workstation must be cleaned and materials returned to proper places before being dismissed.

* The Internet is to be used only when given a specific assignment. Do not get on any Internet website unless the teacher has given you permission.

* You are to go to the bathroom before class. If an emergency arises, you may ask the teacher for permission to go to the restroom. You must have your Agenda signed by the teacher before you may leave the classroom.

Consequences for misbehavior:

1st Time – Teacher warning, note in agenda

2nd Time – Parent communication and teacher consequence (writing/typing assignment)

3rd Time – Parent/teacher conference, teacher consequence (morning detention 7:15-7:35)

4th Time – Counselor/Graduation Coach Referral

5th Time – Office Referral

Agendas and Communication

The agenda should be filled in for all subjects each day. Even if there is no homework, what occurred in class should be noted. Teachers also write notes in the agenda to communicate with parents and guardians. Please make sure to tell your child to have me sign any communication you send so you will know that I have seen it. I also ask that you sign any communication I send you. Please plan to check the agenda nightly.

From Policy/Procedures in Handbook

“All students are expected to exemplify academic honesty. “Academic Honesty’ means performing all academic work without plagiarism, cheating, lying, tampering, stealing, giving or receiving unauthorized assistance from any other person, or using any source of information that is not common knowledge without properly acknowledging the source.”