Potential Business Careers Activity


Assignment: Select ONE of the following and research the career requirements, job responsibilities, employment trends and opportunities using the Occupational Outlook Handbook. Create a flyer, logo, slogan and letterhead for your fake company containing the researched information. http://www.bls.gov/OCO

Accountant Credit Analyst General Office Manager Sales Manager Payroll Clerk
Advertising Salespeople Customer Service Representative Human Resources Manager Secretary Public Relations Manager
Appraiser Financial Analyst Insurance Agent Tax Preparer Real Estate Agent
Banker Financial Manager Loan Officer Sales Manager Retail Salespeople
Bookkeeping Clerk Credit Analyst Management Analyst Secretary Payroll Clerk
Business Executive Customer Service Representative Market Research Analyst Tax Preparer Public Relations Manager
Computer Operator Financial Analyst Merchandise Displayer Sales Manager Real Estate Agent
Financial Manager Retail Salespeople
Credit Analyst

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