EQ: You made it, to the end of the 9 WEEKS

Last Week of Connections:

Must Do: Career Research. No PowerPoint. Get worksheet from teacher. Choose a career Click here Can Do: You will choose from several topics to write about using Microsoft Word Wizard on your computer. Click here
Must Do: Sign up for Code Combat

Period 5: HandPateWater

Period 6: Armwatch

Can Do: Introduction to Spreadsheets. Nearpod code PLEHA

Can Do: Nitro type

Can Do: Create a Poster collage on what you learned in class this quarter.  Include: Professionalism: team work, Interviewing skills, etc. and information about 1 of the fastest growing jobs. Record your summary on Flipgrid: 
Can Do: Do have goals for your life yet? Try this SMART Goals Activity. Complete Nearpod activity code FYZLQ then take the Employability Quiz: GKFOY

Students must complete Must Do and 2 Can Do to complete last assignment.