1. Mafaaz:

    Your pictures worked very well with the occupation choice, I could really see you doing this for a living.

  2. Mafaaz- Your presentation gave a lot of information. I liked the pictures, and everyone could hear your speaking. Nice job.

  3. Harrison- Your presentation was amazing!! Your speaking was excellent. You gave a lot of information and many facts. Awesome JoB!

  4. Harrison’s power point was really good, and well put together.
    it was really good
    Olivia Edmond’s

  5. Harrison- I loved the fonts and pictures that you used
    You did a great job on presenting and being open to the class!
    Good job!

  6. Nolan:

    You seemed very interested and knowledgeable of the occupation you covered, never mind how planned out it seemed to be!

  7. Jeanne:

    Your presentation was quite easy to understand, even for those who didn’t understand the occupation up until now! Great job!

  8. Great presentation Jayden! The presentation was clearly well thought out.

  9. Nolan, I liked how when you presented you had lots of energy and liked your career cluster information that was put on your powerpoint.

  10. Jeanne, I though your powerpoint was excellent and had lots of important information. I also liked the pictures that were put on there.

  11. Nolan- You gave alot of facts. You were loud which is a good thing. You had alot of energy which kept the audiance listening. You were confident and also had a good conclusion.

  12. Nolan-
    you were so loud! (which is good)
    I like the you used the lazer
    I liked your pictures
    I agree, you are really good with cars
    I like how you had energy
    I like how you made your power point exactly how you would say it

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  14. -Jayden. Your powerpoint was very informational. It gave really good facts and I liked the pictures and graphics. Also, the grammar was good and you had great color choices..

  15. Jeanne-
    You did so good
    I love the different colors you used
    you did very good projecting your voice
    and your information was so good
    I also loved all the pictures and fonts you used!

  16. I like your powerpoint Jayden and spoke loud enough for the class to hear and made eye contact with the class.

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