EQ: Why do you think dress codes should be enforced, or NOT enforced?


Brainstorm as a class to come up with potential reasons why a dress code policy would need to exist and what the goal might be behind having one.

Excerpt from School Code of Conduct: Rule 13. Dress and Grooming [(Responsibility/Respect)] Students in the school system are expected to dress and groom themselves in such a way as to reflect neatness, cleanliness and safety. All students shall dress appropriately so as not to disrupt or interfere with the educational program or the orderly operation of the school. Examples of inappropriate dress and grooming include: lack of cleanliness in person or dress; shoelessness; “short-short” clothing; bare midriffs; “tank tops”; “see-through” clothing or apparel which designates gangs or similar organizations or any dress that is disruptive to the educational process. Designated dress involving school activities approved by the principal shall be acceptable. The principal or other duly authorized school official shall determine whether any particular mode of dress or grooming results in a violation of the spirit and/or the intent of this rule

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Create a 2 page MS Word document and explain your position: Should Schools have dress codes? Why? Why not?