EQ: How should you handle inappropriate online talk?


Edutyping: games

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to …

  • describe positive aspects of online talking and messaging.
  • identify situations in which flirting and chatting become inappropriate and risky.
  • understand rules for safe online messaging, and feel empowered to deal with uncomfortable situations when communicating online.


  1. Take three handout
  2. Perspectives on Chatting Safely Online
  3. Internet traffic light game
  4. Internet Safety tips
  5. Safe Online Assessment
  6.  Create a Safe Surfing Onlline Poster for students: www.Canva.com

Key Vocabulary

  • Opportunity – chances to connect with new friends online
  • Pitfall – disadvantages
  • Harass – someone saying mean things online
  • Risky – talking to someone online you don’t know
  • Inappropriate – not cool